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Defendant Acquitted of All Charges in Rape Case

Perry, Georgia: In May 2022, attorney J. Travis Griffin obtained an acquittal in a rape case pending in Houston County Superior Court. Mr. Griffin convinced the jury that the allegations against the Defendant were unfounded, and the jury acquitted the Defendant.

The Defendant in this case invited a woman to his house that he met on Tinder. The woman came to his house on the condition that she was not coming to his house for sex. After arriving at his house, bringing alcohol and unknown drugs, the woman and the Defendant drank, shared intoxicants, and eventually retired to the bedroom and had sex.

Afterwards, the woman confronted the Defendant, saying she did not want to have sex and accusing the Defendant of rape. The woman contacted law enforcement who rousted the Defendant from his house, searched his house, interrogated the Defendant, and eventually arrested the Defendant for rape. Additionally, controlled substances were found in the woman’s system that are sometimes consistent with “date rape” drugs.

At trial, Mr. Griffin’s cross examination of the woman revealed several issues that cast doubt on her version of events, including her possession of numerous controlled substances that could explain why she had certain substances in her system. Mr. Griffin’s cross examination of the case agent revealed procedural defects in the investigation and evidence of confirmation bias that prevented the investigation from taking all the known facts into consideration when deciding to charge the Defendant with rape.

Finally, the Defendant took the stand in his own defense and told the jury what happened that night from beginning to end. The Jury found the Defendant “not guilty” after a four-day trial.

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